Apple iPhone SE Screen Replacement

In the modern world of technology and annual smartphone releases, there are not many sights as common as the humble cracked iPhone screen. It seems that every iPhone user has at some point or another wound up with a dreaded crack across their iPhone's glass front, or had a chunk of their screen fall out from repeated offenses.

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Next Samsung Phone May Have 4 Curved Sides

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According to the latest report from South Korea, Samsung is working on a truly bezel-less display with four curves: not just the sides but also the top and the bottom. It is said that this would allow for a screen-to-body ratio of over 98 percent, though it’s not as easy as it sounds apparently.

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How To Clean Up A Virus

If your PC gets infected by a kind of virus or malware it can prove to be more than frustrating. Getting rid of Malware isn’t exactly easy and in many (probably most) cases professional help may be required. First things first though! Let’s be honest avoiding most virus isn’t difficult, do not click onto peculiar attachments and install a good antivirus software!

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Computer security checks

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If you have a iPhone or any other smartphone you most likely have a four digit lock code on your phone that requires a four digit password in order to enter the phone, this is a form of computer password protection security, consider adding an extra digit to the sequence to make it that bit more secure, to do so head to the settings page and it should be easy to do from that stage.

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